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About Us

Qingdao Xiajielai international trade co., ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city, Qingdao. 

Our company adhering to the "simple and comfortable, elegant fashion" design concept, so that every woman's eyes can bloom charm and grace;At the same time, the company adhere to the product "carefully crafted, natural environmental protection", the product raw materials and production process control and improvement, make it more delicate and comfortable.

As the leader of Chinese fashion trend, we can provide professional business consulting, fashionable's design concept, high-quality products, intimate after-sales service and the supply chain management for every customer. 

In Elegant Posture, we provide you not only a product, but also a series of professional and meticulous consulting services.Choose the Elegant Posture, the achievement of the most beautiful you.


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Phone: +8615666426025

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Email: info@elegantposture.com

Add: Hengda Yulan International 117-102 Shanhe Road 117-102,266000