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False eyelash makeup three elements, let you full of girlish feeling!

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In today's society, age has become a number. Many women over the age of 30 are still in good condition and look full of girlish feeling. This can be achieved not only by maintaining the skin at ordinary times and maintaining a good mentality, but also by making up to create a girly look full of vitality. The girl's makeup is fresh and pleasant, with makeup as if without makeup The next few are the elements of make-up.

1. Clear the base makeup

A girl's sense of makeup does not seek for a white complexion, but it must be clear and refreshing. It gives people a feeling that the bomb can be broken and the youth is invincible. Therefore, the foundation fluid or air cushion should be as light as possible, shake lightly before using it, and shake off the excess powder before putting on the makeup. Of course, the situation of the card powder will reduce the makeup, so before making up the makeup, make sure that the skin is located. In the state of moistening, you can use the milk before make-up, so that the make-up looks more comfortable, and the base makeup can also have a more lustrous feeling.

2. Deer's eye

The eyes of a girl are bright and energetic, as innocent as the eyes of a fawn, and the false eyelash make-up should be avoided. The light pink eye collocation can be chosen to match the curly mascara, and the eye of the eye is to be sold. The first thing is to use the white pearl eye shadow to brush the upper and lower eyelids, then apply the pink eye shadow. The silkworm part can choose the light gold, and the eyes will look more divine. Next, brush the mascara and make the lovingly pathetic deer's eye makeup.

3. Wild eyebrows

Girl's makeup pursues pure natural effect. Wild eyebrow is such a kind of eyebrow. It retains the natural state of eyebrow, only slightly modifies it to achieve a casual but not scattered effect. It is also very simple to draw. After simply repairing the eyebrow, draw the outline of eyebrow with eyebrow pencil close to the hair color, and then fill it with eyebrow powder. In the process, the strength should be light, especially the eyebrow part, No To be too thick, finally use the eyebrow brush to comb from the brow upward to create a clear-cut state, and the natural wild eyebrows will be painted.

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